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“What is Microfinance?”

  • 21-May-2022

To know more about the above topic, please listen the interpretation of the speaker, Mr. Yun Yean...

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Congratulations to MOHANOKOR Microfinance Institution Plc...

  • 17-May-2021

Congratulations to MOHANOKOR Microfinance Institution Plc. for receiving the certificate from...

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  • 17-Jul-2020

MOHANOKOR Microfinance Institution Plc., is pleased to inform customers and the general public that:....

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Asia Europe University Education & Research Fair 2019

  • 24-Oct-2019

On Morning, October 24, 2019 the Asia Europe University held the grand opening laboratory...

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MOHANOKOR Microfinance Institution Plc. provided funding for Smile...

  • 11-Jan-2019

On January 11-12, 2019, MOHANOKOR...

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