Savings Account

Interest Rate up to 3.25% per annum

Operation Currency KHR USD THB
Initial Deposit 20,000 5 200
Minimum Amount 20,000 5 200
Interest Rate Per Annum Individual 3.25%
Corporate Non-financial Institution 2%
Financial Institution 1%
Capitalization Monthly
Passbook Free
Cash Withdrawal All MOHANOKOR Branches
Withholding Tax% Cambodian 4%, Foreigner 14%/td>
Financial Institution / Gov’t 0%


Deposit services can be access for everybody who is legal. Have any of the requirement:

- For Cambodian

  • Cambodian Identification Card, or
  • Passport which is valid or other related document is valid.

- For Foreigner

  • Having passport which is valid for at least 06 months
  • Having a residential document in Cambodia certified other related document is valid
  • Having a phone, Fax/Email address

- For companies, Enterprise, Schools, and Government Institution